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Spooks series 7 : Episode guide

This is a list of the episodes in the seventh series of Spooks, with brief plot summaries.

Episode 1 - New Allegiances

Six months after the conclusion of the sixth series, a British soldier, Private Andy Sullivan, has been kidnapped by al-Qaeda who are threatening to kill him unless all Remembrance Sunday services are cancelled. Adam is leading the team to recover him. Meanwhile, Harry has managed to secure the release of his former protégé, Lucas North, from a Russian jail. Lucas wants to rejoin MI5, but after eight years in Russia, can he be trusted? (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 2 - Split Loyalties

(Continued from episode 1) Harry suspects that the explosion is the work of the Russian intelligence services, the FSB, but needs to find proof. Lucas is desperate to return to work on the Grid, but Harry is concerned about his loyalties. He is aware of the relationship Lucas developed with Kachimov, the head of the FSB, during his time in jail in Russia. When he finds out that Lucas has secretly met his Russian handler, his ex-wife Elizabeta, his suspicions about him seem to be confirmed. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 3 - The Tip-Off

The team is alerted to planned al-Qaeda attacks and Ben goes undercover to infiltrate a particularly active terrorist cell. Lucas reveals to Harry that he's been having flashbacks to his time in jail in Russia, and he remembers his torturers repeatedly asking him about "Sugarhorse". Although Harry denies any knowledge of Sugarhorse to Lucas, it is in fact a top secret MI5 operation, which means that there must be a traitor within the service who has leaked information about it to the Russians. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 4 - A Chance for Peace

A senior member of al-Qaeda, Muhammed Khordad, comes to London, asking to negotiate with MI5. He reveals that an extremist wing of al-Qaeda will be setting off a bomb that afternoon in London. He will tell MI5 where it is in exchange for the public pardoning of two al-Qaeda prisoners. The Home Secretary reluctantly agrees, and a statement is broadcast. But Khordad is not happy with it and refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the bomb, leaving Harry's team to find it before it explodes. Meanwhile the Russians, in a test of loyalty, have ordered Lucas to ensure that the bomb explodes. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 5 - On the Brink

The British economy is on the brink of collapse and a wave of rumours about which bank will be the next to get into trouble threatens to bring it down. MI5 discovers that the man behind the rumours is Alexis Meynell. Ros is sent undercover as an employee at his firm, with Lucas playing the role of her fiancé. However, Meynell's right-hand man recognises Lucas from his days in Russia. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 6 - Accidental Discovery

MI5 is charged with ensuring security at an emergency Middle Eastern peace summit to be held in London. The team learns that a key part of an assassin's toolkit is being sold on the Internet, and they set out to retrieve it. Lucas finds the seller - Dean Mitchell, a teenager who accidentally witnessed an assassination and later got hold of the murderer's kit bag. While visiting Dean, Lucas notices an armed snatch squad waiting outside. Someone else is clearly interested in Dean. Meanwhile, the team discovers that MI6 is planning to assassinate the Chief UN Negotiator who is in London to attend the peace summit. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 7 - The Mole

Harry is framed as the mole who leaked details of the top-secret MI5 operation 'Sugarhorse' to the Russians.  With his arrest imminent he contacts Lucas for help.  Lucas travels to Russia to meet one of Harry's contacts, Maria, who has intelligence that can help protect Britain from nuclear attack and reveal the identity of the MI5 mole. But shortly after he meets her, she is murdered. Harry is arrested and interrogated, while Ros and her team have to find a way to prove his innocence. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 8 - Nuclear Strike

The intelligence that Lucas has brought back from Moscow reveals that Russia is planning an attack against the UK today, codenamed Tiresias. Tiresias is a network of saboteurs that will cripple the country once activated. The only way MI5 can discover what is planned is with the help of the mole. (Video clips... and pictures...)


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