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This is an unofficial site about the work of Richard Armitage. The site has no affiliation with either Richard Armitage or his agents.

If you would like to write to Richard, you can do so care of his agents at United Agents. Please see the Contact page for the address. Associate is a participant in the Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All commission earned on sales at Amazon UK made through links from this site will be donated to charity.

There are links on most of the 'Production Details and DVDs' pages to Richard Armitage's DVDs on Amazon UK. If you follow one of these links to Amazon UK and make a purchase, Amazon will pay this site a commission. I'll then donate that commission to charity. There are also links to the Amazon UK site on the home page.

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A total of £5215.34 ($6910, C$8815, 5881 Euros or $AU2979) has been donated to charity so far. The donations are as follows:

2007, quarter 2 £88.17 (approximately $177 or 160 Euros) to Crisis
2007, quarter 3 £130.39 (approximately $265 or 187 Euros) to Barnardo's
2007, quarter 4 £247.76 (approximately $490 or 335 Euros) to Crisis
2008, quarter 1 £203.16 (approximately $400 or 255 Euros) to Oxfam
2008, quarter 2 £188.37 (approximately $372 or 239 Euros) to DEC Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal
2008, quarter 3 £278 (approximately $455, 354 Euros or $AU683) to Shelter
2008, quarter 4 £386.54 ($555, 429 Euros or $AU847) to Oxfam
2009, quarter 1 £307.02 ($462, 344 Euros or $AU611) to Barnardo's
2009, quarter 2 £489.43 ($797, C$890, 565 Euros or $AU995) to Crisis
2009, quarter 3 £298.27 ( $497, C$525, 330 Euros or $AU538) to Oxfam
2009, quarter 4 £302 ($449, C$462, 336 Euros or $AU493) to Shelter
2010, quarter 1 £218.36 ($324, C$331, 262 Euros or $AU372) to Childline
2010, quarter 2 £282.16 ($449, C$458, 324 Euros or $AU460) to Barnardo's
2010, quarter 3 £259.80 ($412, C$408, 308 Euros, or $AU413) to The Salvation Army
2010, quarter 4 £200 ($320, C$129, 220 Euros, or $AU300) to Shelter
2011, quarter 1 £216.03 ($345, C$342, 249 Euros, or $AU325) to Childline
2011, quarter 2 £99.09 ($158, C$161, 115 Euros, or $AU152) to Crisis
2011, quarter 3 £119.31 ($187, C$192, 143 Euros, or $AU188) to Barnardo's
2011, quarter 4 £130 ($200, C$208, 160 Euros, or $AU204) to Shelter
2012, quarter 1 £108.49 ($167, C$174, 134 Euros, or $AU170) to Childline
2012, quarter 2 £57.30 ($91, C$91, 71 Euros, or $AU88) to Crisis
2012, quarter 3 £62.25 ($99, C$99, 77 Euros, or $AU96) to Barnardo's
2012, quarter 4 £89.97 ($144, C$149, 107 Euros, or $AU153) to Shelter
2013, quarter 1 £93.78 ($150, C$155, 111 Euros, or $AU160) to Childline
2013, quarter 2 £73.46 ($118, C$121, 87 Euros, or $AU125) to Crisis
2013, quarter 3 £42.49 ($68, C$76, 54 Euros, or $AU78) to Barnardo's
2013, quarter 4 £91.28 ($147, C$164, 116 Euros, or $AU167) to Shelter
2014 £79.19 ($105, C$134, 89 Euros, or $AU138) to Shelter
2015 £43.09 ($57, C$73, 48 Euros, or $AU75) to Crisis
2016 £30.95 ($41, C$52, 35 Euros, or $AU54) to Childline

Crisis is a charity that helps homeless people in the UK.

Barnardo's is a UK charity that helps children and young people.

Oxfam is an international charity that helps to alleviate poverty around the world.

The Disasters Emergency Committee's Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal was an appeal launched by DEC to help those affected by cyclone Sidr, which caused extensive damage and loss of life in Bangladesh in November 2007 (DEC is an umbrella organisation for 13 major British aid agencies, allowing them to co-ordinate national appeals for major disasters worldwide).

Shelter helps those who are homeless or in bad housing in the UK.

Childline is a conselling service that provides a telephone helpline and website for children who are being abused or bullied, or are suffering in other ways. It's run by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation that carries out a wide range of charitable work in Britain and overseas.

All of these charities have been mentioned by Richard Armitage in his Christmas messages to fans.



I'd like to thank my friends at the C19 messageboard who helped me create this site. Elvira provided technical help and prepared the earlier video clips. IslaJane made the banner and has allowed me to use any of her screencaps. And several other people contributed content and encouragement. Thank you!

Thank you also for scans, pictures, recordings and information to the following; Patty, Steph, Winam, Robas, Ania, Glassnokamen, Jo and JJ, Millhand, Andromeda, Adriana, Puff, Trud, Agneta, Scarlett, Pip, Kerryn, Bluecabochon, Kings12, Woohoo, Nora, Judemst, Helenworcs, Lemontart, Sandra, Catherine, Katherine, Medvemacs, Hadje, Frederica, BBC Audiobooks, Afirthionado, Colinfever, Caroline, Intothelight, Vanessa, CherryT, Janeite, CC, Yoko, Emerald, Polly, Tosindmin, Bernie, Deb/Sparrow, Lady Heidi, Petra, Danielle Netherland, Mrs Hayward, Grendel, Leslieg, Hazel, BBC Radio Cumbria, IslaJane, Acemarsupial, Elisavet, Elise, arc, Jenny, PG, Gosia, Mary, Sumigirl, Mary (Toronto), Annmarie, TSV, Marika, Rain, Andye, Judith, Céline, Kathryn, June, Carey, Koolkat, Yellow Rose, Bookgirl, Ali, WG/Sara, Diana, Jen, Hedgeypig, Suz, Martha, Jean, Pio, Anne, Yorkshirewench, jh (judy), Phoebe, Debbie, Doozy, Torunn, StephanieNZ, Maike, Céline, SquidNorth, Jan, Gabbi, sjb, Karoline, Ann, Rosaria, Rossella, Songbird, Kate, Evenstar1955, Diana, Suzanne, Scoop, Jonia, Jane, Debbie Green, Ana, Welshvalley, Shazza, Cassandra, 30rock, Suziewuzie, Redluna, Kate, JuicyFruit, Camila, Nadia, Sara, Rivengal, Juanita, Agenoria, Jane in New Zealand, Traci, Nae, Polly Redfearn, Susanne, Mette, Alexandra, Leigh Raglan and Valerie Cross.


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