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A selection of websites and messageboards related to Richard Armitage.

Richard Armitage's CV at his agent's web site, United Agents.

IMDB page for Richard Armitage.

C19 messageboard includes a large section about Richard Armitage, with sub-boards for North and South, Robin Hood, Spooks and many of his other roles. The board also contains general sections about art, literature (especially 19th century works), TV, films and much else.

RichardArmitageNet, a general website about Richard Armitage with a wealth of news, pictures, articles and information about him. Frequently updated, it also contains multimedia, fan-art, wallpapers etc.

The Armitage Army messageboard, a large and well-established forum for discussion and information about Richard Armitage.

Richard Armitage Central, a general website about Richard Armitage, with information about his career, including pictures, articles, interviews and transcriptions of audio and video interviews.

The Armitage Army@Richard Armitage Central messageboard a comprehensive messageboard for discussion about Richard Armitage, which also includes fan-fiction, fan-art and videos.

Sweeney's Richard Armitage Page (, a media-rich fan site with video clips, fan music videos, screencaps, wallpapers, graphics, and DVD reviews., a site that brings together a large collection of fan-videos featuring Richard Armitage, many formerly hosted at

Armitage Land Army is a postal fan club for Richard Armitage that offers a quarterly 20 page fanzine by post. For further details write to: ALA, 4 The Tower House, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0AF: or email valquinnaaa <at>gmail<dot>com

Richard Armitage US, a Facebook page for discusssion about Richard - "a respectful page with a sense of humor".

North and South 2004, a fansite containing a miscellany of information about the drama, including links to the text of the novel.

German Richard Armitage messageboard, mostly in German of course, but English is understood.

Grendel's Mum's blog, a Japanese blog about Richard Armitage and his work, with a special emphasis on The Hobbit.

Polish messageboard for discussion about Richard Armitage, North and South, Jane Austen, the Brontes and more.

Hungarian Richard Armitage messageboard, for discussion about Richard Armitage.

Dutch Richard Armitage website, a site for Dutch and Belgian fans with up-to-date news, pictures and information about Richard Armitage. It now includes a page of news in English.

Richard Armitage Fanfiction Archiv, a site of fiction written about Richard Armitage's roles, in German.

Everything is a Choice, a Robin Hood messageboard in French (includes a section for conversation in English).

Robin Hood Hypnoweb, a French website about the BBC Robin Hood series (Robin des Bois), with a forum.

Behind Blue Eyes, a French messageboard for news and discussion about Richard Armitage. Also includes fanfiction. Although the discussions are mainly in French, English is also understood.

Richard Armitage France, a general website about Richard Armitage, containing translations into French of many of Richard's interviews.

Russian Robin Hood website contains information about the series and its cast, with a forum that includes a long-running thread about Richard Armitage. Discussion is mainly in Russian but English is understood, and there is now a thread in English on the forum. The site also contains photo-albums of Richard Armitage.

Russian fansite for Richard Armitage, containing news, videos, information, a large gallery of photos and also a forum.

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