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Spooks series 7 : Video clips


Episode 1

"Can I help?"

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) has just arrived back on the Grid after being exchanged for a Russian spy. He's anxious to help with the current operation - a British soldier has been captured by Islamist terrorists who are threatening to kill him unless Remembrance Sunday services are cancelled. This scene shows Lucas talking to Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones), currently head of the team, and then to Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), who used to be his boss at MI5.

Richard Armitage in Spooks


"Do you think they speak Russian?"

Adam and Lucas race to the house where the British soldier is being held. The house is booby-trapped, so they have to find a way of getting the terrorists to leave it with their prisoner. Lucas has an idea...

Richard Armitage in Spooks


Episode 2

"Doughnut, Malcolm?"

Harry has called Lucas back to the Grid to find out what he knows about Arkady Kachimov, the head of the FSB in London. Lucas got to know him while he was in prison in Russia. Unbeknown to Harry, in the previous scene Lucas been talking to Kachimov, and it's clear that he is also working for the Russians. But where do his loyalties lie? In the first part of this scene, he talks to Malcolm (Hugh Simon) about Adam's death, and then he meets Harry and Ros (Hermione Norris), the new leader of the team.

Richard Armitage in Spooks episode 2


"I don't understand..."

Lucas has been told by the Russians to go to Highgate Cemetery to meet his new handler. He is shocked when he finds out who it is - his ex-wife, Elizabeta (Paloma Baeza).

Richard Armitage in Spooks episode 2


Episode 3


Lucas goes to meet Ben (Alex Lanipekun) who is currently undercover in an al-Qaeda terrorist cell in London. The cell is planning a bomb attack, but Ben doesn't yet have details of the targets. After Ben has left, the heavy rain triggers a memory in Lucas...

WARNING - this clip contains brief scenes of torture.

Richard Armitage in Spooks


"Colleagues are OK"

A quiet scene from the end of the episode between Lucas and Ros.

Richard Armitage in Spooks


Episode 4

"You lied to me"

Lucas has asked Elizabeta to get some information from the Russians. He returns to see her a few hours later.

Richard Armitage in Spooks


"I saw the news"

Another scene between Lucas and Elizabeta, from the end of the episode.

Richard Armitage in Spooks
Richard Armitage in Spooks - video clip


Episode 5

"This is my partner"

Ros is working undercover at the firm of Alexis Meynell (Paul Rhys), trying to prove that he is the source of the rumours that threaten to bring down a major bank, Highland Life. With personal mobile phones banned on the premises, Lucas goes to meet her to update her on the latest situation.

Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris in Spooks, video clip


"I have a confession to make"

Back on the Grid that night, with the financial crisis deepening, Harry wants to talk to Lucas about Sugarhorse.

Richard Armitage and Peter Firth in Spooks, video clip


Episode 6

"I'm not sayin' nothin"

Teenager Dean Mitchell (Jacob Anderson) has found a high tech weapon and offered it for sale on the Internet. Malcolm buys it, and Lucas goes to collect it. But he soon notices that others are watching Dean's house and he realises that they are also interested in the weapon. Lucas escapes from the house with Dean and his mother just before the men break in.

This scene is set in Surrey Quays shoppping centre shortly afterwards, as Lucas tries to get Dean to tell him where he got the weapon.


"I'd make a good spy"

Lucas has taken Dean and his mother to an abandoned building where they've spent the night in hiding. The next morning, Lucas and Dean talk.


Episode 7

"Are they listening?"

Harry has been framed as the MI5 mole who leaked the Sugarhorse operation to the Russians. Just before he was arrested and interrogated, he asked Lucas to go to Moscow to meet one of his Sugarhorse assets, Maria Korachevsky (Kika Markham). She should have information that will tell them who the real mole is. This scene takes place in Maria's apartment.

Richard Armitage in Spooks episode 7 - video clip


The Bedouin Bar

Lucas then goes to the Bedouin Bar, where Maria has hidden the package for him that contains the information about the mole, and a new passport to enable him to get out of Russia. At the bar, he meets Katerina (Dolya Ganski).


Episode 8

"I spent eight years in a Russian cell"

From the the information that Lucas brought back from Moscow, MI5 has learned about Tiresias, a large network of Russian sleeper agents in the UK. They know only that Tiresias will somehow attack London later that day. The one person who can tell them what Tiresias is planning is the MI5 mole...

Spoiler warning: This clip reveals the identity of the mole, first revealed in Episode 7.


"We need to cross London"

The MI5 mole has a dossier of information about Tiresias hidden at London Bridge station which will reveal details of the Russians' plan to attack London at 3pm that day. Harry, Ros and Lucas must escort the mole to London Bridge, but FSB gunman are in pursuit, trying to kill them. In this short scene, Lucas points out that Harry must go back to the Grid, leaving him and Ros to find a way to cross London while evading the FSB.

And so follows a nail-biting chase through the disused tunnels of the London Underground, in a desparate bid to find out how to stop the Russians destroying the city. It forms a suitably exciting climax to the series.


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