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Articles and interviews : 2008

A selection of articles and interviews with Richard Armitage published in 2008, from press, radio, TV and the Web.

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Most of these interviews are about Spooks, which Richard joined for its seventh series this year. There are also a number of interviews marking the broadcast of the second series of Robin Hood in the USA.


The Story of the Costume Drama (video)
The third episode of ITV3's series about the history of the costume drama on TV over the last 50 years was called 'Affairs of the Heart' and looked at romance in costume drama. In a short segment about North and South, both Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe talked about the filming and about their chemistry as John Thornton and Margaret Hale. The narrator was Keeley Hawes; The Story of the Costume Drama, ITV3, 3rd December 2008

'One Final Question', Benji Wilson
To mark the broadcast of the last episode of series 7 of Spooks, Richard Armitage is interviewed for the Radio Times' One Final Question feature; Radio Times, 6th-12th December 2008

'Harry's been framed!'
The TV preview of episode seven of Spooks in this TV listings magazine included a short interview with Richard Armitage; What's on TV, 29th November - 5th December 2008

'Behind the scenes at Spooks' (view on-line (UK viewers only) or download the clip) (video)
During the run of Spooks series 7, BBC One's The One Show included a feature about the filming of some scenes from episode 6 of Spooks at a house in London. Richard Armitage was one of the actors taking part, and he was interviewed very briefly about the filming; The One Show, BBC One, 25th November 2008

Interview on BBC Radio 6 Music, Chris Hawkins (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) (audio)
Richard Armitage was the guest on Close Up with Chris on this early morning radio show, talking about his career and choosing pieces of music that reminded him of different points in his life. The interview appeared in five parts on successive days; Chris Hawkins Show, BBC Radio 6 Music, 3rd - 7th November 2008

'The psychological damage is indescribable'
The Sunday Times returned to the story first published by its sister paper The Times earlier in the week (see below) about Richard Armitage being waterboarded for a scene in Spooks. The paper reprinted a Vanity Fair article about waterboarding by Christopher Hitchens, and repeated Richard's comments about his experience of it; Sunday Times, 2nd November 2008

'It was lovely snogging Dawn French!'
An interview with Richard Armitage in a weekly women's magazine about his career, among other things; Woman's Own, 3rd November 2008

'Richard Armitage, on his army of fans', Vicki Power
An interview in Hello magazine's TV News section, talking about Spooks and his fans; Hello, 4th November 2008

Interview on Heat Radio, Andi Peters (part 1, part 2, part 3) (audio)
This delightfully informal appearance on Andi Peters' Hot or Not show included chat about Spooks and several other topics; Andi Peters, Hot or Not, Heat Radio, 27th October 2008

Interview on The Sarah Kennedy Show, Richard Allinson (audio)
Richard Armitage was interviewed about Spooks by Richard Allinson on this early morning radio show; The Sarah Kennedy Show, BBC Radio 2, 27th October 2008

Interview on BBC Breakfast (video)
Richard was interviewed about Spooks by Bill Turnbull and Kate Silverton on BBC One's Breakfast news programme; Breakfast, BBC One, 27th October 2008

Interview on This Morning (video)
Richard Armitage was interviewed by Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford for this magazine programme on daytime television; This Morning, ITV1, 27th October 2008

Interview at the BBC Spooks website (video)
In this video interview, Richard Armitage talks about Lucas North, and about how he prepared for the role (only available to UK visitors); BBC Spooks website, October 2008

'Spooks new boy plays jailed agent', Frances Cronin
An online interview with Richard Armitage about Spooks; BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat website, 27th October 2008

'BBC to show ‘real life’ torture of Spooks actor who endured waterboarding for authenticity', Patrick Foster
This article in The Times reports that Richard Armitage actually underwent waterboarding for a scene in Spooks. He explains why he did it, and says that in his opinion, waterboarding should be classified as torture; The Times, 27th October 2008

'I'd make a rubbish spy'
Richard Armitage appears on the front cover of the Sunday People's Take it Easy Magazine, and is interviewed inside; Sunday People, 26th October 2008

'New face ready for spy thrills'
This Midlands newspaper (from Birmingham) carries a feature about Richard Armitage joining Spooks (he was born and brought up in the East Midlands); Sunday Mercury, 26th October 2008

'Richard spooked by his new spying role', Sinead McCarthy
An interview in an Irish newspaper about joining Spooks; Cork Evening Echo, 25th October 2008

'The Armitage Files', Marion McMullen
The Coventry Telegraph has a full page feature on the front page of its WeekEnd supplement. Richard Armitage was a student at Pattison’s Dancing Academy in Coventry (now Pattison College), so the feature is advertised on the front page of the main paper as "Coventry's own Spook! Former city student joins top TV show"; Coventry Telegraph, 25th October 2008

'From Russia with love'
This short interview appeared in the Mirror's 'We love Telly' magazine; Daily Mirror, 25th October 2008

'Spying on the Spooks'
The Star's 'Hot TV' magazine has an interview that is taken straight from the BBC's press release; Daily Star, 25th October 2008

'Armitage had doubts'
At least two regional newspapers have run this interview with Richard Armitage about Spooks; Evening Post (Bristol), Scunthorpe Telegraph, 24th October 2008

'Topless and tattooed - what it takes to be a new Spook', Serena Davies (on-line edition, print edition)
Richard Armitage is interviewed about Lucas North and the authenticity of Spooks; Daily Telegraph, 23rd October 2008

'A new kid on the Grid', Emma Jean Sturgess
Richard Armitage talks about the conventions of Spooks, among other things; Metro, 21st October 2008

'Meet Lucas North, the Spook with a haunted past'
An 'interview' with Richard Armitage about Spooks, taken straight from the BBC's press release; What's on TV website, 20th October 2008

'Behind the Scenes', Paul Hoggart
The Radio Times followed the Spooks team as they filmed in Moscow in August, speaking to Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris. The magazine also choose Spooks' first episode as its Pick of Day; Radio Times, 25th-31st October 2008

'Cold war, hot bosses', Chris Pointer
The TV Times interviews Richard Armitage and Rupert Penry-Jones about Spooks; TV Times, 25th-31st October 2008

Richard Armitage and the other three principals are shown on the cover of this TV magazine, and Richard is interviewed for a feature about the new series; TV & Satellite Week, 25th-31st October 2008

'In from the cold'
Another TV magazine interviews Richard Armitage about Spooks; Total TV Guide, 25th-31st October 2008

'The spies have it!'
Richard Armitage talks about joining Spooks, losing weight and putting it back on; Inside Soap, 25th-31st October 2008

'Super spy guy', Elaine Penn
Richard Armitage compares Guy of Gisborne and Lucas North, among other things; TV Quick, 25th-31st October 2008

'From Guy to spy!'
A short interview about Lucas North; What's on TV, 25th-31st October 2008

'From Russia with love'
A feature about the new series of Spooks that interviews Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris; TV Choice, 25th-31st October 2008

'Rupert's a tough act to follow'
A short interview about Lucas North, and working with Rupert Penry-Jones; Woman, 27th October 2008

'It's nice playing a hero!'
Another short interview about Spooks, and about being a heartthrob; Closer, 25th-31st October 2008

'I miss wearing the leather'
A brief interview about Spooks; Reveal, 25th-31st October 2008

'Spooks star's Barmy Armi', Steve Hendry (on-line edition, print edition)
The Sunday Mail, a Scottish newspaper, interviews Richard Armitage about Spooks, and his fans; Sunday Mail, 19th October 2008

'Secrets and spies', Paula Kerr
An interview in the Sunday Express's S Magazine about Spooks, among other things; Sunday Express, 19th October 2008

'Scary Guy'
An interview in the Northern Echo with Richard Armitage about his fears on joining Spooks, and about playing Lucas North; Northern Echo, 18th October 2008

'Why I'm quitting Spooks', Steve Clark
Rupert Penry-Jones, Hermione Norris and Richard Armitage are interviewed about the new series of Spooks; Daily Express, 18th October 2008

'Just the Guy to be a spy', Kevin Maher
An interview in The Times about Spooks, in which Richard Armitage also discusses his shyness and his looks; The Times, 18th October 2008

'New face in Spooks', Andy Welch
This interview is carried in at least four regional newspapers; Eastern Daily Press, 17th October 2008; Chester Chronicle and Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News, 20th October 2008; Bromsgrove Advertiser, 25th October 2008

'Richard Armitage (Spooks)', Simon Reynolds
The British TV website DigitalSpy interviews Richard Armitage about joining the cast of Spooks; DigitalSpy website, 17th October 2008

'It's time to get Spooked, again', Ian Wylie (on-line edition, print edition)
Richard Armitage and other cast members were interviewed on the set of Spooks earlier this year; Manchester Evening News, 14th October 2008

'The Spy Returns'
Richard Armitage talks about his character, Lucas North, in a BBC feature to accompany the announcement of the seventh series of Spooks; BBC Press Office, 8th October 2008

Sky Magazine
Richard Armitage writes about filming the new series of Spooks in the magazine of British satellite broadcaster BSkyB; Sky Magazine, October 2008

Interview on The Scott Mills Show (audio)
In this brief interview for Radio 1, Richard Armitage spoke about the future of Robin Hood. He didn't know whether Guy of Gisborne would survive into series 4, nor had it been revealed to the cast how Robin would leave the show; The Scott Mills Show, BBC Radio 1, 1st September 2008

Entertainment Weekly interview
In July 2008, the Popwatch blog of the Entertainment Weekly website ran an article about Richard Armitage and invited questions from his fans. He answered many of those questions in this interview, and also talked at length about the third series of Robin Hood, then being filmed in Budapest, and about Spooks; Entertainment Weekly website, 1st August 2008

BBC America interviews
In June 2008, Richard Armitage was interviewed for BBC America about Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood. Two longer from the interview can be seen on You Tube here... and here... Also, BBC America showed a 30 second "Inside Look" at Guy of Gisborne during a commercial break in an episode of Robin Hood. See the clip....

'Richard Armitage thanks fans for Sir Guy's win', Curt Wagner
A second interview with the RedEye Show Patrol blog about Gisborne's success in an online poll to find the most popular character on American TV. Richard Armitage also talks about Gisborne's character and about series 3 of Robin Hood. There's also a short audio clip; Show Patrol website, 23rd May, 2008.

'Richard Armitage from Robin Hood'
Another online interview with an American TV blog, also related to the start of series 2 of Robin Hood there. Richard Armitage discusses Gisborne in series 2 of Robin Hood (with hints about series 3), as well as Spooks and his career in general; Daemon's TV website, 2nd May 2008.

'Richard Armitage loves being hateful as 'Robin Hood' bully Sir Guy', Curt Wagner
An online interview with a Chicago-based TV blog to mark the start of series 2 of Robin Hood on BBC America. Richard Armitage talks about Guy of Gisborne, working with Dawn French, and his new role in Spooks (MI-5 in the USA); Show Patrol website, 28th April 2008.

'Behind the Scenes, RT Covers Party'
An article in the Radio Times about the annual party given for those who appeared on its front cover the previous year. Richard Armitage is pictured, and is quoted talking about Guy of Gisborne and his next role; Radio Times 9-15th February 2008

Leicester Performing Arts Centre
, Tony Wadsworth (audio)
In January, Richard Armitage was invited to the naming ceremony of the new theatre being built in his home town, Leicester. The name chosen was 'Curve' and BBC Leicester's reporter Tony Wadsworth asked Richard for his opinion of it. He was also asked about his experience of theatre in Leicester; BBC Leicester website, 28th January 2008.

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