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Articles and interviews : 2004 and earlier

A selection of articles and interviews with Richard Armitage published in 2004 and earlier, from press, radio, TV and the Web.

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Work covered in these interviews includes North and South, Betweeen the Sheets and Cold Feet.

'A Dashing Object of Desire', Anne Ashworth
An article about the impact of Richard Armitage's portrayal of John Thornton on hundreds of women on the BBC's North and South messageboard; The Times, 22nd December, 2004

'Your Darcy's out the window', Lyndsey Clydesdale
An article about Richard Armitage's new status as a period drama heart-throb, published just after North and South had been broadcast; Daily Record, 7th December 2004

'Stepping out of the shadows', Jane Hall
Interview with Richard Armitage in a local newspaper in Newcastle about North and South and the reaction to it. (Nb This article was also published in an almost identical version in the Western Mail on 23rd December 2004); The Journal, 6th December 2004

'The World According to... Richard Armitage' (transcript)
A short questionnaire; The Independent, 2nd December 2004

'Labour of Love', E Jane Dickson
Feature in the Radio Times the week that North and South was first broadcast, Radio Times, 13-19 November 2004

'Love in a Cold Climate', Sarah Shannon.
An article about the making of North and South; The Independent, 10th November 2004

'My name is... Richard Armitage', Noam Friedlander
A short questionnaire, part of the pre-publicity for North and South; Time Out, 3-10 November 2004

'A novel occasion', Harriet Griffey
An article about the dinner party scene in North and South, published in the magazine of the British supermarket chain Sainsburys just before the first broadcast. Historian and Gaskell biographer Jenny Uglow was an advisor to the BBC for North and South, and she is interviewed in this article about the way such dinner parties would have been conducted in mid-19th century England; Sainsburys Magazine, November 2004

'I'm a bed boy', Roz Laws
Interview with Richard Armitage that appeared a Birmingham newspaper at the time of Between the Sheets; Sunday Mercury, 23rd November 2003

'The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack.. so I had to work out', Louise Hancock
An interview published to mark Richard joining the cast of Cold Feet in its final series; Sunday Mirror, 25th August 2002

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