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Articles and interviews : 2011

A selection of articles and interviews with Richard Armitage published in 2011, from press, radio, TV and the Web.

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These articles mostly deal with Captain America and The Hobbit.

Shooting Star
An interview in a British film magazine in which Richard Armitage talks about The Hobbit and Captain America; Total Film, August 2011

The Journey Begins, Ian Nathan
A report in British film magazine Empire from the set of The Hobbit. Mostly an interviw with Peter Jackson, it also describes the filming of a scene that includes Richard Armitage, who is seen in the background of the article's main picture; Empire, August 2011

Captain America : The First Avenger premiere (video)
Richard Armitage was interviewed on the red carpet at the world premiere of Captain America in Los Angeles; interview for AP Live at El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, 19th July 2011

Captain America : The First Avenger premiere (video)
Another interview with Richard on the red carpet at the world premiere of Captain America in Los Angeles; interview for Marvel at El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, 19th July 2011

Meet Richard Armitage: Heart-throb, Dandy, Circus Worker, Dwarf, Professional Spy and Nazi Saboteur, Josh Woodfen
An article and photoshoot in Project, a magazine published for the iPad, in which Richard discusses his role in Captain America, and being cast in The Hobbit; Project magazine, issue 8, July 2011. (The RichardArmitageNet website has a full set of images of the interview and photoshoot. Vimeo has three short moving image pieces that were published with the article; one, two, three.)

Epix Captain America featurette (video)
Richard Armitage appears briefly in a behind-the-scenes featurette about Captain America (see approx 1min 11 secs); Epix Captain America featurette no. 2, July 2011

So bad he's good, Alice Wyllie
A long and wide-ranging interview in which Richard talks in some depth about his work; The Scotsman magazine, 23rd July 2011

I’m a bit mean. I haven’t got a nice-guy face, Jasper Rees
An interview to mark the release of Captain America, which ranges over Captain America, Strike Back, Spooks and being cast in Sparkhouse; Daily Telegraph, 22nd July 2011

Captain America video interview (video)
A short interview with Richard Armitage in which he discusses his character, Heinz Kruger;, July 2011

The Hobbit
A report in a British film magazine about the press conference held by the cast of The Hobbit in February; Empire, April 2011

Patriot Games
A report from the set of Captain America during filming in Manchester in 2010; Empire, March 2011

The Hobbit press conference (video)
A press conference was held in Wellington, New Zealand, to introduce the cast of The Hobbit. Richard was asked why he wanted to play the role of Thorin, and how he felt about the technical aspects of the filming. Richard's questions can be seen at approximately 26 minutes into the video (or see an edited version on YouTube showing him); The Hobbit press conference, 11th February 2011

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