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Articles and interviews : 2009

A selection of articles and interviews with Richard Armitage published in 2009, from press, radio, TV and the Web.

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The interviews during this year mainly cover the eighth series of Spooks, the third series of Robin Hood, and Moving On.


'Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all?', Nicole Lampert (on-line edition, print edition)
An article about Spooks in which Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris are interviewed; Daily Mail, 11th December 2009

'Off the Grid', Andy Welch
An article about Spooks in the weekly magazine of Brighton's local newspaper; The Argus, 7th November 2009

'Richard Armitage: Spooks 8 is darker and intense!'
An interview with Richard Armitage on the website of one of the TV magazines; What's on TV website, 6th November 2009

GMTV report from Spooks set, Richard Arnold (video)
Richard Arnold, GMTV's TV critic visited the set of Spooks, interviewing several cast members, including Richard Armitage; GMTV, 4th November 2009

'Spooky! A drama that sees the future', James Rampton (on-line edition, print edition)
An article about the prescience of the Spooks writers that includes some comments from Richard Armitage; The Independent, 3rd November 2009

'Spooks: the spy drama with more lives than oo7', Matt Warman (on-line edition, print edition)
A general article about the return of Spooks which interviews Richard Armitage and Nicola Walker; Daily Telegraph, 2nd November 2009

'Lucas's life or death mission'
An article in a Birmingham newspaper about Richard Armitage, although it's just a cuttings job; Sunday Mercury, 1st November 2009

'Our very own all-action hero', Gemma Collins
A wide-ranging interview with Richard Armitage about Spooks, his career and his childhood in Leicestershire in this county magazine; Leicestershire and Rutland Life, November 2009

'On the Grid'
A short feature about Spooks in the Daily Star's HotTV magazine that includes a comment by Richard Armitage; Daily Star, 31st October 2009

'Spy's the limit', Marion McMullen
An interview about Spooks with Richard Armitage in a local newspaper in Coventry, where he studied as a teenager; Coventry Telegraph, 31st October 2009

'Top secret new series'
Richard Armitage, Hermione Norris and newcomer Shazad Latif are interviewed in this regional newspaper about the eighth series of Spooks; Eastern Daily Press, 31st October 2009

'Richard Armitage & Hermione Norris', Mary Comerford
Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris are interviewed about Spooks; TV Choice magazine website, 27th October 2009

'A big ask', Gabriel Tate
A questionnaire for Richard in this weekly London listings magazine. There's also a preview of the first episode of Spooks series 8; Time Out, 29th October-4th November 2009

'A splash hit as Spook goes in the deep end', Ian Wylie (on-line edition, print edition)
Richard is interviewed about Spooks in this regional newspaper, including a fight scene in a swimming pool. A much more detailed version of the interview appears on Ian Wylie's blog; Manchester Evening News, 29th October 2009

'Spies, lies and MI5', Benji Wilson
The Radio Times considers how realistic a portrayal of the real MI5 Spooks is, and interviews Richard Armitage about Lucas North's waterboarding, among other things. There's also a preview of the first episode of the new series; Radio Times, 31st October-6th November 2009

'It's a race against time!', David Hollingsworth
The TV Times talks to Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris about Spooks; TV Times, 31st October-6th November 2009

'D is for Danger'
Richard Armitage appears on the cover of this TV listings magazine, along with Hermione Norris and Peter Firth. But the interview inside is with Nicola Walker; Total TV Guide, 31st October-6th November 2009

'Secrets and spies'
Richard Armitage, Hermione Norris and Peter Firth appear on the cover, and Richard is interviewed about the series inside. The What's on TV website carries the same interview; TV & Satellite Week, 31st October-6th November 2009

'Spies of life', Mary Cromerford
Short interviews with the main cast of Spooks, including Richard Armitage; TV Quick, 31st October-6th November 2009

'The spying game', Mary Comerford
This preview of the new series of Spooks includes a brief interview with Richard Armitage; TV Choice, 31st October-6th November 2009

'I rarely turn down work after years of struggling', Steve Hendry
An interview in a Scottish daily newspaper in which Richard Armitage discusses the new series of Spooks, but also the struggles of his early career, and his fears that he wouldn't make it in the industry; Daily Record, 24th October 2009

'Love will push Lucas to the edge'
A small interview with Richard Armitage in a weekly woman's magazine, again about the forthcoming series of Spooks; Woman, 26th October 2009

'Spooking us out again'
An interview with Richard Armitage in the weekly magazine, Star, in which he talks about the new series of Spooks. He discusses Lucas's new relationship and his revisiting of his interrogation in a Russian jail, as well the action sequences in the series and his own desire to direct or produce; Star, 26th October 2009

'Spooked!', Steve Clark
In this article in the Daily Express' Saturday Magazine, Richard Armitage, Peter Firth and Hermione Norris discuss the eighth series of Spooks; Daily Express, 17th October 2009

'I Hate Going Topless!'
A short interview with Richard about developments for Lucas North in the new series of Spooks; Closer, 17th-23rd October 2009.

'Me a sex god? That is spooky', Allison Pearson (on-line edition, print edition)
In a wide-ranging interview, Richard Armitage talks about his career and discusses his feelings about being in the spotlight. He also talks about Lucas North's new relationship in the eighth series of Spooks; Daily Mail, 10th October 2009

'Spy Games', Jason Arnopp
In this interview in a British film magazine, Richard Armitage talks about Lucas North in the eighth series of Spooks; Filmstar, October 2009

'Richard Armitage'
Richard is featured as one of three actors noted in this German magazine as "young, talented and sexy" newcomers; OK (Germany), 24th September 2009

'Leicestershire actor is in demand'
A short interview with Richard in a local paper published in Leicestershire (where he grew up) marking the end of filming on Spooks series 8; Leicester Mercury, 18th August 2009

'In Conversation with Richard Armitage', Moira
A fascinating interview published in the literary blog Vulpes Libris, in which Richard Armitage reveals what he likes to read and how he reads. He also talks about some of his roles, including his thoughts on Guy of Gisborne, his fate, the apparent contradictions in him, and what made the character interesting to him as an actor. And he also gives his views on spoilers; Vulpes Libris, 8th July 2009.

'A dastardly end?'
A short interview published just before the last episode of Robin Hood series 3 was shown; TV Times, 27th June-3rd July 2009

'Spy with death wish'
The day before Spooks series 7 started, this New Zealand paper printed an abridged version of an interview that Richard Armitage had done with the Daily Telegraph (London) in October 2008 (see below); Herald on Sunday, 31st May 2009

'Richard, the very modest sex symbol', David Stephenson
An "interview" with Richard Armitage that's actually just a cuttings job, with quotes taken from the BBC press pack of Moving On and from other articles and interviews; Sunday Express,17th May 2009

'Perennial bad guy Richard almost forgot how to smile', Darryl Smith
An article marking the broadcast of Moving On, with quotes taken from the BBC's press pack; Sunday Post, 17th May 2009

'Hood pair hook up', Ian Robson
A feature about Moving On in a Newcastle paper about Richard Armitage and Joanne Froggatt, who both star in Robin Hood and in Moving On; Sunday Sun, 17th May 2009

'Moving stories'
An 'interview' with Richard Armitage about Moving On, though the quotes are again taken straight from the BBC press pack; What's on TV, 16th-22nd May 2009

'Where the hurt is'
A feature about Moving On in this TV magazine the week the series was broadcast, with a quote from Richard Armitage; Total TV Guide, 16th-22nd May 2009

'Family strife'
A general feature about Moving On, with a quote from Richard Armitage; TV Choice, 16th-22nd May 2009

'Good afternoon'
Another general feature about Moving On, with a quote from Richard Armitage; TV Times, 16th-22nd May 2009

'Drama to stay home for'
Another general feature about Moving On; TV & Satellite Week, 16th-22nd May 2009

'The new Sheriff?'
This short feature about episode 7 of Robin Hood includes some quotes from Richard Armitage; What's on TV, 9th - 15th May 2009

Interview at the BAFTAs (video)
Richard Arnold interviews Richard Armitage, and vice versa, on the red carpet at the BAFTA awards; GMTV, 27th April 2009

'A marked man'
An interview on the BBC Press Office website with Richard Armitage about Robin Hood; BBC Press Office, April 2009

Interview on Digital Spy website (video)
Richard Armitage was interviewed on the set of the third series of Robin Hood about the new series and Guy of Gisborne - it was one of a series of interviews with cast members in the week leading up the beginning of the series on BBC One; Digital Spy website, 28th March 2009

Interview on GMTV (video)
Richard was interviewed by Kate Garraway and Andrew Castle about the third series of Robin Hood, which started later that week. He also spoke briefly about Spooks; GMTV, 25th March 2009

'Murder in mind', Mary Comerford
This article in TV Quick the week series 3 of Robin Hood began mainly featured Jonas Armstrong, but also included some comments by Richard Armitage about Gisborne, and the new costumes; TV Quick, 28th March-3rd April 2009

'Arrowing ordeal', Mary Comerford
A short article about the new series of Robin Hood, which includes a brief quote from Richard Armitage about Gisborne; TV Choice, 28th March-3rd April 2009

The Stage podcast #16 (audio - at approximately 13' 30")
The Stage, a British newspaper about the theatre and TV industries, interviewed Richard Armitage and fellow Spooks cast member Robert Glenister for its weekly podcast on 27th February. Both actors were attending the BBC Showcase event at Brighton that week (see below). Richard talked about his work on Spooks and also about the third series of Robin Hood. As well as the podcast, The Stage website has a transcription of some of his comments in the interview; The Stage, 27th February 2009

Report from BBC Showcase on BBC Breakfast (video)
Richard Armitage was one of the stars who attended BBC Worldwide's annual Showcase event, held in Brighton from 23rd to 26th February 2009. He was featured briefly in BBC Breakfast's report from the event, broadcast on 25th February. Also shown are Robert Glenister, who had a recurring role as the Home Secretary in series 7 of Spooks, and Julie Graham, whose boyfriend Richard played in Between the Sheets; BBC Breakfast, BBC One, 25th February 2009

'Sharing the remote'
A short questionnaire about Richard Armitage's television likes and dislikes; Red magazine, March 2009

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