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Articles and interviews : 2010

A selection of articles and interviews with Richard Armitage published in 2010, from press, radio, TV and the Web.

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These interviews mostly concern Strike Back series 1 and Spooks series 9.


'A star is born?', Tim Oglethorpe
A feature in which celebrities were asked for their memories of appearing in childhood nativity plays; Woman's Weekly, 13th December 2010

'It's like I'm a real spy... I've no control over my own fate', Tim Oglethorpe (on-line edition, print edition)
An interview conducted as Richard was filming the final scene of the last episode of Spooks series 9, in summer 2010. It covers Spooks and Lucas North, but also other spects of his career; Daily MAil, 5th November 2010

Report in the Sunday Express of The Hobbit casting
A short report about Richard's casting in The Hobbit, shortly after it was announced; Sunday Express, 24th October 2010

'I spy Richard Armitage', Maria Pilkington
A general interview in a weekly magazine targeted at older women; Woman's Weekly, 26th Octoer 2010

'More than just spy candy', Susan Griffin
Richard was interviewed about Spooks for an article in his home town's local newspaper; Leicester Mercury, 16th October 2010

'Easily spooked by risk', Natalie Graham (on-line edition, print edition)
An interview in the Financial Times, in a series in which well-known people are asked about their attitudes to money; Financial Times, 9th October 2010

'My romance is with the show', Rhiannon Vivian
A behind-the-scenes feature from the set of Spooks, in which three cast members, including Richard Armitage, were briefly interviewed; Woman's Own, 11th October 2010

'I don't think I was cast for my looks!', Paul Simper
Richard was interviewed in this weekly magazine about Spooks 9, and being a heart-throb; Best, 5th October 2010

'Skin deep'
An interview in a regional newspaper about Spooks that's merely a copy of the interview released by the BBC Press Office; Northern Echo, 20th September 2010

':60 second interview', Andrew Williams (on-line edition, print edition)
A questionnaire that covered a number of subjects, including Spooks, and his early career; Metro, 20th September 2010

'In a taxi with... Richard Armitage', Stuart Husband, (on-line edition, print edition)
One of a series in which celebrities are interviewed in a London taxi cab, this covered the new series of Spooks, comparisons between acting and spying, and his desire to play "ugly, damaged people"; Mail on Sunday (You magazine), 19th September 2010

'We spy thrills in the new Spooks', David Stephenson (on-line edition, print edition)
Richard Armitage discussed the new series of Spooks. A clip from Stephenson's audio recording of the interview (which also covered a number of other subjects) accompanied the on-line edition of the article, and the full recording is available to buy for a small fee at his blog; Sunday Express, 19th September 2010

'Back in action'
The Daily Star's weekly TV magazine previews Spooks; Daily Star (Hot TV magazine), 18th September 2010

Interview on Loose Ends, Clive Anderson (audio)
Richard was a guest on Radio 4's weekend chat show, talking about the new series of Spooks; Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4, 18th September

Interview at (video)
Richard Armitage was interviewed about the ninth series of Spooks at's UK television site. For non-UK viewers, the interview can also be seen on YouTube;, September 2010

Interview on BBC Radio 1, Greg James (audio)
Richard was a guest on the Greg James show shortly before the ninth series of Spooks began; The Greg James Show, BBC Radio 1, 17th September 2010

'Behind the senes with Spooks stars' (video)
A BBC News report shown on BBC One's Breakfast programme about the new series of Spooks showed filming at St Paul's Cathedral and London Bridge station, and interviewed several cast members. Richard Armitage commented briefly about the topicality of Spooks' storylines; Breakfast, BBC One, 17th September 2010

Interview on Lorraine, Myleene Klass (video)
Richard was interviewed about Spooks on Lorraine Kelly's show by Myleene Klass. Later, he took part in the cooking segment of the show; Lorraine, ITV1, 17th September 2010

'Richard Armitage interview: Spooks'
This article at Sky's website about Spooks includes a copy of the interview released by the BBC Press Office;, September 2010

'Richard Armitage lifts the lid on the new series of Spooks', Andy Welch
A detailed interview about the new series;, 16th September 2010

'Richard Armitage (Spooks)', Catriona Wightman
A long interview at the Digital Spy website about Spooks;, 14th September 2010

'Funeral for a friend'
A short piece in this weekly TV magazine about Spooks; What's on TV, 18th-24th September 2010

'There's a massive fallout from Ros's death'
A longer version of Richard's interview in the printed edition of What's on TV (above) was published at the magazine's website;, 15th September 2010

'Secrets and spies', Caren Clark
Richard appeared on the cover and was interviewed inside this weekly TV listings magazine; TV & Satellite Week, 18th-24th September 2010

'Agents of change'
Richard was on the cover, but the article inside this TV listings magazine about the new series of Spooks was mostly about new cast members Sophia Myles and Max Brown; Total TV Guide, 18th-24th September 2010

'Spy another day'
Another interiew with Richard about Spooks in a weekly magazine; Inside Soap, 18th-24th September 2010

'I cut out pizza before stripping on TV'
Another weekly magazine interviewed Richard about Spooks; Closer, 18th-24th September 2010

'Death duty'
The Radio Times' feature on Spooks included some quotes from Richard Armitage about the new series; Radio Times, 18th-24th September 2010

'Agents of change'
Several cast members, including Richard, were interviewed in this feature about Spooks; TV Times, 18th-24th September 2010

'Spies like us'
A short article in a weekly TV listings magazine that included a couple of quotes from Richard about Spooks; TV Easy, 18th-24th September 2010

'If looks could kill...', Ria Higgins
Richard Armitage is interviewed about his daily life at work and at home; Sunday Times, 12th September 2010

Spooks 9 BBC Press Office feature
This feature published by the BBC Press Office about the ninth series of Spooks consisted of an interview with Richard Armitage. He discussed not only his own character but also the series in general, and introduced this year's other new characters; BBC Press Office, 2nd September 2010

The Convenient Marriage interview (audio)
In an interview published at the NaxosAudiobooks website linked to their release of his recording for them of The Convenient Marriage, Richard talks about the challenges of reading audiobooks; NaxosAudiobooks, June 2010

'I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn't grown into', Vicki Power
A rather belated interview about Strike Back, published after the series had finished. But it also also covered more personal subjects; Sunday Mirror, 30th May

'Lights! Camera! Talent!', Kathryn Flett
In a major feature in the Radio Times, The Observer's TV critic questioned the widespread belief that the Golden Age of British drama is long gone. Thirteen leading British actors were asked for their opinions on the current state of drama on British television, among them Richard Armitage; Radio Times, 8th-14th May

'Sex symbol? No, the truth is I'm just a DIY geek, says Richard Armitage', Tim Oglethorpe
Another interview about Strike Back which also covers his reaction to being a sex symbol. Daily Mail, 7th May

'Tackling a tough shoot', Matthew Hemley
In this interview with one of the British entertainment industry's main periodicals, Richard talked about Strike Back, but also about his hopes of returning to the stage, possibly in a production of Aphra Behn's The Rover; The Stage, 6th May 2010

'Just the man for the job', Steve Pratt
On the day that Strike Back was first broadcast, this regional newspaper published an interview with Richard about the series; Northern Echo, 5th May 2010

'Richard Armitage: from spy to SAS', Vicky Frost
Also on the day that Strike Back premiered, The Guardian's TV & Radio blog interviewed Richard Armitage. Among other things, he gave his reaction to seeing the enormous posters of him that were appearing on advertising hoardings all over the country at the time; The Guardian TV & Radio Blog, 5th May

'Richard Armitage (Strike Back)', Catriona Wightman
An on-line interview about both Strike Back and Spooks, published on the day the former was permiered. He also spoke about the cancellation of Robin Hood;, 5th May 2010

Interview on talkSPORT, Hawksbee and Jacobs (audio)
As part of the publicity for Strike Back, Richard Armitage was interviewed on this commercial radio station; The Hawksbee and Jacobs Show, talkSPORT, 4th May 2010

Interview on BBC Radio 1, Scott Mills (audio)
Another radio interview about Strike Back; The Scott Mills Show, BBC Radio 1, 4th May 2010

Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, Richard Bacon (audio)
Yet another radio interview to publicise Strike Back; The Richard Bacon Show, BBC Radio 5 Live, 4th May 2010

Interview on GMTV, Lorraine Kelly (video)
Richard Armitage was interviewed about Strike Back on Lorraine Kelly's GMTV show. She also asked him about Spooks series 9, which he was filming at the time; GMTV, 4th May 2010

'Hero of a special force', David Stephenson
An interview with Richard about Strike Back, comparisons between John Porter and Lucas North, and his hopes for the future. A recording of the interview can be heard on David Stephenson's blog; Sunday Express, 2nd May 2010

'Strike Back'
An article in a monthly men's magazine that includes some comments by Richard Armitage; FHM, June 2010

'Dangerous Liaisons'
In an article about its new series, Strike Back, Sky's own subscriber magazine interviewed both Richard Armitage and Orla Brady. The interview can also be seen in the interactive version of the magazine, available at the Sky Magazine Live website. This version has an animated cover as well as the interview (with a preview of Strike Back) on pages 4/5. And on pages 2/3, Richard presents an introductory video to the interactive magazine; Sky Magazine, May 2010

'Richard Armitage Strikes Back!', Andy Welch
Another on-line interview with Richard about Strike Back, conducted while he was filming the ninth series of Spooks;, 30th April 2010

'Richard Armitage talks Strike Back'
A detailed on-line interview about Strike Back that also mentions his work on Spooks; Screenrush, 29th April 2010

'Strike Back {TV preview}', Blake Connolly
This on-line article previewing Strike Back includes comments about the show by Richard Armitage;, 28th April 2010

'Tough Act', E Jane Dickson
A long interview with Richard Armitage about Strike Back that also touches on Hollywood, and his interest Richard III; Reader's Digest (UK edition), May 2010

'Spooks star returns with UK answer to 24'
An interview in a free weekly paper about Strike Back; Shortlist, 29th April 2010

'10 Minutes with Strike Back's Richard Armitage', Heather Hughes
An online interview with Richard Armitage about Strike Back, and comparisons with Spooks; website, 28th April

'The Inside Track : Richard Armitage'
A questionnaire about how he stays healthy in The Times' Body and Soul section. He also talks about his looks and about gaining confidence with experience; The Times, 27th April

'In the line of fire', Olly Grant
An on-set interview with Richard Armitage about Strike Back - front cover and two pages of this weekly TV listings magazine; TV & Satellite Week, 1st-7th May

'Heat and Dust-up', Sue Mains/Barbara Miller
A front cover and two page feature about Strike Back, which briefly interviews Richard Armitage and other cast members; Total TV Guide, 1st-7th May

'Blood and Vengeance', Martina Fowler
Another, longer, interview with Richard Armitage about Strike Back; TV Choice, 1st-7th May

'Killer instinct', Martina Fowler
Another interview about John Porter and filming Strike Back; TV Quick, 1st-7th May

'Tough guy Richard', Olly Grant
A brief interview about Strike Back; TV Times, 1st-7th May

'Many Happy Returns... Richard Armitage'
A short feature which shows some of Richard's previous roles; Best, 4th May

'Strike Force', Olly Grant
An interview with Richard Armitage and Orla Brady about Strike Back, in the Saturday magazine of the Daily Express. He talks about what attracted him to the part, as well as the tough physical preparation; Daily Express, 24th April 2010

'Spooks star Armitage plans return to stage', Matthew Hemley (on-line edition, print edition)
A short interview about the possibility of Richard Armitage appearing on stage after the filming of Spooks 9 has finished; The Stage, 22nd April 2010 [see the full interview above, published on 6th May]

'OK! TV on the red carpet at the Strike Back premiere', Nicola Robertson (video)
A report from OK! TV that begins with an interview with Richard Armitage; OK! TV, Daily Express website, 21st April 2010

'Strike Back Exclusive Premiere Report' (video)
Another report from the Strike Back premiere which interviews the cast, including Richard Armitage;, April 2010

'Strike Back pressure for Richard'
In an interview with the Press Association that was widely republished elsewhere (as here in the Daily Mirror), Richard Armitage talked about the pressures of filming Strike Back; Daily Mirror, 20th April 2010

Getty Images interview at Strike Back premiere (video)
Short snippets of interviews with Richard Armitage at the Strike Back premiere on various subjects: On the ambition of Strike Back... On the challenges of working on a war epic... On the possibility of becoming James Bond... ; Getty Images, 15th April 2010

Strike Back: Who is John Porter? (video)
Richard Armitage talks about John Porter in a video about the character on Sky's Strike Back microsite;, April 2010

Strike Back: Richard Armitage on John Porter
In a piece on Sky's Strike Back microsite, Richard Armitage discusses his character, John Porter;, April 2010

Venetia interview (audio)
In a 5 minute interview on the Naxos Audiobooks website to mark the release of his recording of Georgette Heyer's Venetia, Richard describes the way he approaches the reading of audiobooks, how he creates the voices for the characters and the challenges of recording Heyer's novels. He also talks about the books he likes to read, and some possible future work; March 2010, Naxos Audiobooks website

'Strike Back'
Another article about the filming of Strike Back, in a men's magazine; FHM, February 2010.

'Richard Armitage braves killer snakes for Strike Back'
A brief article in Sky magazine about the hazards of filming Strike Back in the Kalahari desert; Sky magazine, January 2010

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