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Between the Sheets

Richard Armitage in Between the SheetsIn his third TV series in 2003, Richard Armitage played probation officer Paul Andrews in the ITV drama Between the Sheets.

Kay Mellor's six part drama series is a frank look at sexual relationships. It stars Brenda Blethyn as Hazel Delany, who after years of marriage suddenly walks out on her husband Peter (Alun Armstrong). She's had little sexual fulfilment in her marriage and is aware that her husband has had mistresses over the years. So she goes to see a sex therapist, Alona Cunningham (Julie Graham).

But Alona has problems of her own - her partner, probation officer Paul (Richard Armitage), has shown little interest in sex for several months. And then he is accused of having had sex with one of his clients, 15 year old Tracy Ellis.

The drama follows Hazel's sexual awakening, as well as the sexual relationships of several other characters, including the Delanys' son Simon, and Peter's 78 year old mother Audrey (Liz Smith) with her lover Maurice (Norman Wisdom). And it follows Alona and Paul's relationship as the investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct proceeds and as Alona struggles to decide whether to believe Paul's protestations of innocence.

It's an adult look at sexual relationships and inevitably includes several sex scenes and some nudity. But it's not salacious or gratuitous - this is intelligent drama that just happens to be about how people relate to each other sexually.

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