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Cold Feet series 5

Richard Armitage in Cold Feet, as LeeAfter playing John Standring in Sparkhouse in 2002, Richard Armitage joined the cast of the hugely popular ITV comedy drama series Cold Feet for its fifth and final series, broadcast in spring 2003.

Cold Feet tells the story of three thirty-something couples living in Manchester; Adam and Rachel, David and Karen, and Pete and Jenny (and later, Jo).

Richard Armitage plays Lee Richards, the 'flirty-girty' lifeguard who romances Karen's Spanish nanny, Ramona. He's charming but faithless.

It was a very different role from the shy, shaggy-haired John Standring. Wandering around a health club pool in a pair of Speedos was a far cry from walking around a farmyard in a pair of muddy overalls.

The pilot episode of Cold Feet in 1997 won the Golden Rose at the Montreux Television Festival. Over the course of its six years and five series, it went on to win a BAFTA and several National Comedy Awards. It reached audiences of up to 10 million and made stars of its leading actors. For Richard Armitage, it was followed by a recurring role in another popular ITV drama series, Ultimate Force, broadcast later in 2003.


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