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Robin Hood series 2 : Episode guide

This is a list of the episodes in the second series of Robin Hood, with brief plot summaries.

Nb There are no major plot spoilers on this page, but some of the pictures and video clips reveal further details of the plots.


Episode 1 - Sister Hood

Robin and his gang have been constructing a new camp in the forest. But then Knighton Hall is burnt to the ground and Sir Edward and his daughter Marian are taken under house arrest to Nottingham Castle. Meanwhile, Allan a Dale is becoming increasingly unhappy, and goes off to the tavern to earn some money tricking unsuspecting locals. But he too ends up at the Castle. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 2 - The Booby and the Beast

The Sheriff has stored all his funding for his plan to overthrow King Richard in a specially planned strong room at Nottingham Castle. Robin and his men resolve to break into it to steal the money, but they soon find out it is booby-trapped. They must find out its secrets by tracking down the man who designed it. Meanwhile, a German prince has arrived at the castle to play at the casino there. Gisborne and the Sheriff have rigged the dice so that he will lose, adding to their war chest. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 3 - Child Hood

A group of boys accidentally stumbles on Gisborne's weapons-testing site. They are taken prisoner, but one of them manages to evade capture and runs off to tell Robin what has happened. Gisborne, he tells Robin, has developed an indestructible new suit of armour. Robin is horrifed, realising that an army of men wearing this new armour would be able to defeat King Richard. He and the gang must stop Gisborne and also rescue the boys, who are to be hanged on the Sheriff's orders. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 4 - The Angel of Death

The Sheriff and his scientist, Joseph, secretly test a chemical weapon in Nottingham. When people die as a result of its effects, their deaths are blamed on the Pestilence. Will Scarlett's father, Dan, realises the truth and speaks out - but he pays a heavy price for doing so. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 5 - Ducking and Diving

Robin tries to capture the Sheriff's spy, Henry of Lewes, who has news about where King Richard will land when he returns to England. But his plan fails and he realises that he has a spy among his own men. He tries to find out who it is, aware that Marian is in danger if he fails. But all he can find out about the traitor is that he meets Gisborne at the Trip to Jerusalem Inn. Meanwhile, he must also stop Henry passing on his information to the Sheriff. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 6 - For England...!

The Sheriff's Black Knights gather at the castle to attend a feast and to sign a pact declaring their allegiance to Prince John, King Richard's brother. Robin and his men infiltrate the castle to get to the Sheriff of Winchester, a Black Knight who was the ally of the previous Sheriff of Nottingham, Marian's father. His territory is the key to the Sheriff's plan to attack King Richard when he returns to England through the southern ports. Robin persuades Winchester to oppose the Sheriff, and prepares to kill all the other Black Knights to stop the Sheriff's plan. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 7 - Show me the Money

Robin wants to get the Great Pact of Nottingham, signed by the Black Knights, as proof of the Sheriff's treason. The gang encounter John of York, who asks for help to save his girlfriend. Robin devises a plan to use him to find the Pact in the Castle. But Gisborne's new right-hand man presents a danger, especially to Marian, and Robin realises he must save her. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 8 - Get Carter!

The gang's newest member jeopardises their mission to help Clun village after the Sheriff's men have ransacked it. But luckily, a former Crusade fighter called Carter arrives to help them. However, he's not what he seems. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 9 - Lardner's Ring

A fatally wounded messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor pursued by Gisborne's men. He runs into Robin, and before he dies, tells him that the king wants him to the return to the Holy Land. He utters the word "Lardner" without explaining what it means. Meanwhile the Sheriff has been told by a fortune-teller that the "ring of Lardner" spells trouble, and he and Gisborne are hunting for "Lardner". Who or what is Lardner? See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 10 - Walkabout

The Sheriff goes missing, sleepwalking into Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately, Prince John has promised that if anything should happen to the Sheriff, he will raze Nottingham to the gound. His messenger, Jasper, arrives in the city to find the Sheriff missing, presumed dead, so Prince John's army marches towards Nottingham to destroy it. Gisborne must enlist the help of Robin and Marian to find the Sheriff before the army arrives. Meanwhile the Sheriff, now awake in the forest, is up to mischief of his own. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 11 - Treasure of the Nation

The Sheriff is turning Locksley into a garrison town, throwing out the villagers to make way for his mercenaries. But Robin cannot help the villagers - a messenger brings word that the king is moving his "thesaurus patriae" (treasure of the nation) and Robin's help is needed. So Marian, disguised as the Nightwatchman, must try to save the village. See video clips... and pictures...

Episode 12 - A Good Day to Die

Robin and the gang gather to celebrate his birthday, but find themselves surrounded by mercenaries employed by the Sheriff.  Meanwhile, Marian discovers that the Sheriff and Gisborne are planning to travel to the Holy Land to kill King Richard, and Allan is forced to choose where his loyalties really lie. 

Episode 13 - We are Robin Hood

Robin and the outlaws have travelled to the Holy Land, intent on warning King Richard of the plot to assassinate him.  But the Sheriff has got there first, and Robin’s plan is frustrated.  Marian, believing that Gisborne may be the key to saving the king, makes a courageous – and dangerous - decision. 

In the UK, the last two episodes were shown as a single double bill. See video clips... and pictures... from the double episode.

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