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Robin Hood series 2 : Video clips


Episode 1 - Sister Hood

The first two excerpts leave us in no doubt as to Gisborne's feelings towards Marian as a result of what happened at the end of the previous series.


In this scene from early in the episode, the Sheriff orders Guy of Gisborne to bring Marian and her father to the castle. "If they resist, shall I use force?" Gisborne asks. "Use force anyway," replies the Sheriff. So he does...

Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths in Robin Hood

"House arrest"

Marian and her father have been taken to the castle, and the Sheriff informs them they are under house arrest. Marian still hopes for some sympathy from Gisborne.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood - video clip
Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood - video clip

"King of the Paupers!"

Gisborne's hatred of Robin Hood is still apparent, as shown in this excerpt in which Robin has been captured. Guy takes the opportunity to taunt him.

Richard Armitage in Robin Hood - video clip

"One chance to live"

*SPOILER* This scene towards the end of the episode sets up a situation that continues in the following episodes. Gisborne is often taken as something of a fool by the Sheriff, but this scene shows his astuteness in working on his victim and persuading him to co-operate.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood


Episode 2 : The Booby and the Beast

"I want Hood caught!"

In this excerpt from the beginning of the episode, the Sheriff is taking his bath - 6 months early - watched by Gisborne. He is furious that Robin and his gang have been stealing taxes from under the noses of his own men as they collect the money.

"What have you got for me?"

Gisborne wants information from his man.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in BBC Robin Hood
Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in BBC Robin Hood

"All eventualities have been considered"

Another scene between the Sheriff and Gisborne. The Sheriff outlines his plans for overthrowing King Richard, and for parting the Count from his money.


Episode 3 : Child Hood


Some children have seen Gisborne testing the new indestructible armour in the forest and Gisborne captures them. Although he kills the prisoner on whom the armour was tested so that it will remain secret, he spares the lives of the children, ordering them to be sent to work in the mine instead. But when the sheriff finds the children, he is not impressed with Gisborne's small display of compassion.

"I can't let you keep these diamonds"

Robin steals the "black diamonds" that are needed to make the new armour from Gisborne's room. A fight ensues as Gisborne tries to stop him. The same hatred between the two men is in evidence as when they fought in the forest in the first series. Gisborne can still taunt Robin over his possession of Robin's home, but he has lost Marian to him now. Intercut with the fight are scenes of Robin's men attempting to rescue the children.

"I had feelings for you"

Marian goes to see Gisborne late at night, as part of a plan to save the captured boy, Daniel. After Gisborne's anger towards her in the first two episodes, we now see him and Marian talking properly for the first time since their aborted wedding.

Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths in Robin Hood


Episode 4 - The Angel of Death


The Sheriff has made Marian read a proclamation telling the people of Nottingham to ignore the pleas of those apparently dying of pestilence. Gisborne wants to apologise for her treatment, but she refuses to admit him.

richard armitage as guy of gisborne

"What's the matter - a conscience?"

Robin has entrusted a letter for King Richard to Allan, who is taking it to a messenger. But first, he shows it to Gisborne.

richard armitage as guy of gisborne


Episode 5 - Ducking and Diving


"What have you got for me?"

The very first scene of the episode - Gisborne meets his spy at the Trip Inn.

"Where's your guard?"

Marian tries to wheedle Guy into letting her have some time out of the castle.

Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths in Robin Hood

"You've been following me."

Marian has used her temporary freedom to follow Gisborne to the Trip Inn, in an attempt to find out who the spy in Robin's camp is. But the spy wasn't there, and she only overheard Gisborne talking to a serving maid about him - no name was mentioned. Later, Robin sees her in the town.


Episode 6 - For England...!


"Choose a dress"

Gisborne invites Marian to the celebrations at the castle, supposedly for the King's birthday.


"You need smart people on your team"

In these two scenes, Gisborne's former spy comes looking for a job.


"You have to run!"

Ignoring Gisborne's protests, the Sheriff has promised Marian to the Sheriff of Winchester, as part of a deal to ensure that he signs the Great Pact of Nottingham. He orders Gisborne to take Marian to see Winchester. But Gisborne's loyalties are torn...


Episode 7 - Show me the Money

"I need a favour"

Marian, still under house arrest at the castle, needs to get out to warn Robin that Gisborne and his men are coming to his camp.


"He knew we were coming!"

Allan leads Gisborne out into the forest to Robin's camp.


"Let me look after you"

A long scene from the end of the episode. (Spoiler warning - this clip reveals the death of a main character). Gisborne's feelings for Marian are made clear, as is the fact that she does not reciprocate them.


Episode 8 - Get Carter!

"It worked, it worked!"

In this scene from the beginning of the episode, the Sheriff is celebrating the fact that his plan to get his assassin into Robin's camp has worked. And he can't resist taunting Gisborne about Marian's desertion from the castle.

(The BBC has placed an outtake of this scene on You Tube, although it's only visible to those in the UK.)

"I want Marian"

In the first of these two scenes between Gisborne and Allan, Gisborne instructs his man to find out where Marian has fled to. Allan later finds Marian at Robin's camp, and she asks him to take a letter back to Gisborne in which she pretends she has gone into a convent and wants to be left alone. In the second scene, Allan gives this letter to Gisborne.


"I received your letter"

Two scenes from the end of the episode. Gisborne has received Marian's letter telling him she has gone into a convent. Later, she goes to the castle to help save Robin. Gisborne sees her and wants to speak to her.


Episode 9 - Lardner's Ring

"We've got a problem."

Guy is holding a birthday party when a messenger from King Richard arrives at Locksley to see Robin.

a vexed Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage)

"I've found your weakness, Gisborne."

Robin and Marian are trapped in a tree, surrounded by Gisborne and his guards.

a upset Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage)

"You're coming home with me."

To help Robin escape, Marian pretends to have been captured and held hostage by him. Gisborne 'rescues' her. 'You're coming home with me', he tells her.

Coming home with me?


Episode 10 - Walkabout

"We do not deal with outlaws!"

The Sheriff has gone missing, and if he cannot be found by sunset, Nottingham will be destroyed by Prince John's army. Gisborne is having the town and surrounding villages searched, but there is no sign of the Sheriff. Marian has a suggestion.

Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths - "We do not deal with outlaws!"


"He will spare me - and my family"

Jasper, the Prince's messenger, agrees that as a Black Knight, Gisborne and his family will be allowed to leave Nottingham safely before it is destroyed at sunset. Gisborne explains that he has no family - but then he has an idea. In the first of the two scenes in this clip, Gisborne puts his idea to Marian. The second scene, some time later, shows her response.


"And the woman?"

Sunset approaches. The Prince's army, led by Jasper, surrounds Nottingham, ready to enter it and burn it to the ground. The townspeople are trapped inside, preparing to fight for their lives. Gisborne rides out of the castle.


Episode 11 - Treasure of the Nation

"I've caught the Nightwatchman!"

The Sheriff has ordered that Locksley village should be turned into a garrison town for his soldiers, and the villagers have been thrown out of their homes. Marian, disguised as the Nightwatchman, secretly goes to Locksley to help.

"Help me"

Left alone with Allan, Marian asks him to help her escape. But then Gisborne returns.

"You're in league with Robin Hood"

Marian awaits her execution. Gisborne comes to see her.

"You are going to die"

Marian attempts to escape.

"I can feel a hanging coming on"

The Sheriff returns to the castle and is looking forward to the hanging of the Nightwatchman. (Spoiler alert: the two scenes in this clip come right at the end of the episode.)


Episode 12 - A Good Day to Die and Episode 13 - We are Robin Hood


"You missed all the fun"

Marian, realising that the Sheriff and Gisborne are going to kill the king, resolves to kill the Sheriff. She knocks out Allan, steals his sword, and goes to the Sheriff. But he notices her just in time and overpowers her. Gisborne and Allan arrive a few minutes later, and Gisborne is forced to tell the truth about what Marian has been doing.


"Tell me - Robin Hood and Marian?"

The Sheriff, Gisborne and Allan are on the road to Portsmouth and thence to the Holy Land, taking Marian as their prisoner. Gisborne is still suspicious about whether there is anything between Robin and Marian.


"It's better this way"

Later that night, Marian persuades Allan to abandon Gisborne and the Sheriff and return to Nottinghamshire to save the lives of Robin and his gang, who are surrounded by the Sheriff's mercenaries. Gisborne lies sleeping.


"Kill the Sheriff"

In the Holy Land, Marian is still a prisoner, and believing that Robin is dead she realises that the only person who can stop the plot to kill King Richard is Gisborne. In the first scene in this clip, she makes him an offer. In the second scene, we see his decision.


"It's over Guy"

This is the final scene between Guy and Marian, at the end of the episode. The Sheriff has just shot and injured the king, and Gisborne moves in to finish him. Marian tries to stop him.


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