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Robin Hood series 1 : Production details and DVDs

The 13 episodes of Series 1 of Robin Hood were first shown on BBC One from October to December 2006. From spring 2007 onwards the series has been/is being broadcast in more than 40 countries, several other countries, including the USA (BBC America), Australia (ABC), Belgium (La Deux), Canada (BBC Canada), Egypt (Showseries1), France (Canal +), Hungary (RTL Klub), Poland (TVP 2), Denmark (DR1), Spain (La Sexta), Sweden (TV4) and New Zealand (Prime TV).


Robin Hood Jonas Armstrong
Marian Lucy Griffiths
Sir Guy of Gisborne Richard Armitage
Sheriff of Nottingham Keith Allen
Much Sam Troughton
Will Scarlett Harry Lloyd
Little John Gordon Kennedy
Allan A Dale Joe Armstrong
Djaq Anjali Jay
Roy William Beck
Sir Edward Michael Elwyn
Created by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan
Executive producers Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan
Writers Dominic Minghella, Paul Cornell, Mark Wadlow, Debbie Oates,
Simon J Ashford, Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle, Joe Turner
Directors John McKay, Richard Standeven, Declan O'Dwyer, Graeme Harper,
Matthew Evans
Producer Richard Burrell

Produced by Tiger Aspect for the BBC.


In the UK, the first series is available on Region 2 DVD, in three volumes.

Volume 1 - Episodes 1-5; Character profiles of Robin, Marian and Roy; Hood Academy Featurette (about the cast's two week training in riding, archery and fighting before filming started). Available at Amazon UK, the BBC Shop and elsewhere. Also available as an import at Amazon Germany and Amazon France.

Volume 2 - Episodes 6-9; Character profile of Guy of Gisborne. Available at Amazon UK, the BBC Shop and elsewhere. Also available as an import at Amazon Germany.

Volume 3 - Episodes 10-13; Character profile of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Available at Amazon UK, the BBC Shop and elsewhere. Also available as an import at Amazon Germany.


The whole series is also available in some countries in a 5 disc boxed-set.

In the UK, a region 2 set is available from Amazon UK. It can also be bought at Amazon Germany.

In North America, a region 1 set can be bought at Amazon USA, Amazon Canada (and Amazon Japan).

In Australia, a region 4 set is available from the ABC shop, and elsewhere.

An English version with French subtitles is available at Amazon France.

The boxed-set is also available in the Netherlands, although this set only contains 4 DVDs with no extras (further details...)

A 4 disc Hungarian version is also available, but does not contain extras. Order at

In most countries, the set contains the following:

Audio commentaries by members of the cast and crew on four episodes: episode 1, Will You Tolerate This?; episode 4, Parenthood; episode 8, Tattoo? What Tattoo?; episode 13, A Clue: No. Richard Armitage is among the commentators on episodes 4 and 8, and the second part of episode 13. (An extract from the commentary on episode 4 can be seen here... )

A 30 minute feature, 'Robin Hood - The Making of', in which cast and crew talk about the creation and making of the series.

An 11 minute feature, 'Designing the Hood', in which production designer Mike Gunn and some of the actors talk about the design and building of the sets.

A 16 minute feature, 'Dressing Hood'. The costume designer, Frances Tempest, explains the thinking behind the design of the costumes for all the main characters. Actors Lucy Griffiths, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton and Harry Lloyd comment on their costumes.

A 15 minute feature, 'Hood Academy' about the cast's training in archery, riding and fighting before the series began filming.

Character profiles of Robin Hood, Marian, the Sheriff, Guy of Gisborne, Much, Little John, Roy, Will Scarlett and Djaq.


On 11th May 2010, Just Entertainment will release a DVD set of all three series of Robin Hood with Dutch subtitles. Entitled "Robin Hood - The Legend Returns", it will contain the same extras as the series 3 DVD boxset.

Blu-ray and HD DVD

Series one is also available in the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats which can be ordered from Amazon UK.

A Region 1 Blu-Ray edition is available in North America from Amazon USA.



The whole of the first series can be bought and downloaded from iTunes.

In the UK, single episodes cost £1.89, or the entire series can be bought for £24.57. The sound track is also available, at 79p per track, or £7.99 for the whole album.

The series is also available in the USA.


Soundtrack CD

The soundtrack CD, containing 34 tracks of music from the series, is available at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Germany, Amazon France and Amazon Japan. (See also iTunes.)



Audiobooks of novelisations of the first four episodes have been recorded by Richard Armitage. For more details see the Robin Hood Audiobooks page. These too are available on iTunes.



The first of a range of Robin Hood toys has been released by Vivid Imaginations.

Five inch tall 'super poseable' action figures of some of the characters are available, including Robin Hood, Little John, the Nightwatchman, the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne (right).

The Gisborne figure comes with sword, scabbard and hand-painted stubble (!). Even the spurs have been re-created.

It can be ordered from Amazon UK.

Also at Amazon UK is a Guy of Gisborne figure on horseback.

In the USA, a set of five Robin Hood figures (including Gisborne) is now available from Amazon USA. Newbury Comics are selling Gisborne on his own.












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