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Robin Hood series 3 : Episode guide

This is a list of the episodes in the third series of Robin Hood, with brief plot summaries.

Nb There are no major plot spoilers on this page, but some of the pictures and video clips reveal further details of the plots.


Episode 1 - Total Eclipse

The Outlaws return from the Holy Land, and Robin breaks up the gang. All he wants is to avenge Marian's death at the hands of Gisborne. He goes to Locksley Manor to confront his enemy, and the two men fight. Meanwhile, Sir Jasper arrives at the castle with a message from Prince John. He blames the Sheriff for the bungled attempt to kill King Richard and demands 1,000 crowns a month and the body of Robin Hood. A travelling monk called Tuck arrives in the forest, looking for Robin Hood. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 2 - Cause And Effect

The Sheriff agrees to sell the local men to Finn, the rightful King of Ireland. He wants to use them to help liberate Ireland. Kate, a feisty village girl, tries to save her younger brother from being conscripted by the Sheriff, but he gets caught by Gisborne and his henchmen. She manages to escape and joins the Outlaws. They try to save the conscripts, but they fail and Robin is taken prisoner. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 3 - Lost in Translation  (Richard Armitage does not appear in this episode.)

The Sheriff finds out that the Abbot is guilty of heresy, and decides to blackmail him. He forces him to order the villagers of Locksley to turn in Robin Hood. Tuck tries to confront the Abbot, but is arrested and tortured. The Sheriff tells the villagers that if they don't want to suffer the same fate, they must hand over Robin. When that fails, he orders the Abbot to try to persuade Tuck to betray Robin. Tuck refuses, and thereby faces death.


Episode 4 - The Sins of the Fathers  (Richard Armitage does not appear in this episode.)

The Sheriff hires a new tax collector, Ruthless Rufus, who arrives with his son, Edmund, to witness Robin and the Outlaws attack the Sheriff's men. He storms into Locksley village and smashes up Kate's family's pottery and kiln. Kate fights back and is forced to accompany Rufus to Locksley Manor, his new home. Much and Robin arrive and save her, but also succeed in getting her outlawed. Robin decides they will have to kidnap Rufus.


Episode 5 - Let the Games Commence

Gisborne returns from the court of Prince John. His new master has given him troop of elite soldiers and orders to kill Robin Hood. Gisborne is now openly contemptuous of the Sheriff, whom he no longer needs. He reminds his former master that he is still in trouble with the Prince for not having paid him the tax he owes. Meanwhile, a beautiful and aristocratic woman, Isabella, arrives in the forest, pursued by sinister men on horseback. It's Robin Hood who rescues her. But Gisborne is also in the forest, tracking down the outlaws. (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 6 - Do You Love Me?

Prince John, brother of King Richard and pretender to the throne of England, is travelling through the country attempting to buy the support of the noblemen. In Nottingham, he makes Gisborne an offer - kill the Sheriff and then step into his shoes. However, his previous order to Gisborne, to kill Robin Hood, has not been carried out. Robin Hood is still very much alive. And he and his gang have plans for the Prince's stay in Nottingham. (Video clips...)


Episode 7 - Too Hot To Handle

Locksley is in the grip of drought, and Robin and the gang know they must find water fast to save the people. But Prince John has siphoned off all the local supplies and plans to give the water back to the people to woo them. At Locksley Manor, Isabella is flirting shamelessly with him, while Gisborne looks on disapprovingly. The Prince suspects that Isabella is in league with Robin Hood and, with Gisborne's help, sets out to trap her. (Video clips...)


Episode 8 - The King is Dead, Long Live the King

A sombre procession arrives in Nottingham Castle, carrying a coffin that bears the Crown's insignia - it contains the body of King Richard. Lord Sheridan, Keeper of the Crown, announces that he was killed in battle. Prince John throws himself on the coffin in an unconvincing show of grief, and then demands that the Archbishop of Canterbury must now preside over King Richard's funeral and his own coronation. But Robin and the gang are suspicious, and they decide to sneak into Kirklees Abbey at night to see whether the body in the coffin really is that of King Richard. (Video clips...)


Episode 9 - A Dangerous Deal

Isabella, having done a deal with Prince John, is now the Sheriff of Nottingham. But when Robin Hood asks her why she has made a pact with the devil, Isabella insists she works for herself. Robin offers her a deal to work covertly with him for the rightful King of England, or be his enemy. Isabella has a tough decision to make. One of her other decisions is to condemn Guy of Gisborne to death... (Video clips... and pictures...)


Episode 10 - Bad Blood

In the forest, Robin Hood comes upon a very jumpy Gisborne, who has escaped from his sister, Isabella. Just as Robin and Gisborne start to fight, tiny arrows pierce their necks and they fall unconscious to the ground. They awake that night to find themselves bound and held captive by a mysterious elderly hooded man, whose revelations will change their lives for ever and bind the mortal enemies in an uneasy truce. (Video clips...)


Episode 11 - The Enemy of My Enemy

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne gallop side by side in Sherwood Forest. They're now allies, but before long they are at each other's throats. Allan spots them fighting and, thinking that Robin is in mortal danger, quickly summons the others. The two men explain to Robin's gang what lies behind their truce and what they have promised to do. (Video clips...)


Episode 12 - Something Worth Fighting For (part 1)

The outlaws intercept one of Isabella's messengers carrying a missive to Prince John. It reveals that King Richard will be home from the Holy Land in a month, and is gathering troops to fight his brother John's attempt to usurp him. But the gang are appalled when they discover that Isabella is confiscating food and snatching men from nearby villages to raise a force of 300 militia for Prince John's side. Her next target is Locksley. (Video clips...)


Episode 13 - Something Worth Fighting For (part 2)

The Sheriff is back. Robin and his allies are trapped in Nottingham Castle, which is surrounded by the Sheriff's crack troops. (Video clips...)


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