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"What's Going on?"

Dr Lara Stone (Christine Stephen-Daly) is spending a weekend at a country cottage with friends, including her boyfriend, Craig Parker (Richard Armitage). Craig arrives to find Lara's colleague Patrick being taken away in an ambulance - he has been viciously attacked and left for dead in woods near the cottage.

Richard Armitage in Casualty

"A man could get jealous."

Lara and Craig are at the cottage discussing Patrick, who is now lying unconscious in the hospital where he and Lara work.

Richard Armitage in Casualty

"I'm going to go to the hospital."

Later that day, Lara decides to go to the hospital to see how Patrick is.

Richard Armitage in Casualty

"I was an idiot earlier."

Several hours later, Lara still hasn't returned to the cottage. Eventually, Craig goes to the hospital to find her. Although she's off-duty, she's been helping out at the busy Accident and Emergency department.

Richard Armitage in Casualty
Richard Armitage in Casualty


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