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Casualty : Production details

"Playing with Fire" was episode 17 in the 16th season of Casualty. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 29th December 2001.

Lara Stone Christine Stephen-Daly
Patrick Spiller Ian Kelsey
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Chloe Hill Jan Anderson
Lisa Duffin Catherine Shipton
Max Gallagher Robert Gwilym
Jack Vincent Will Mellor
Nikki Marshall Kelly Harrison
Anna Paul Zita Sattar
Comfort Jones Martina Laird
Spencer Ben Keaton
Finlay Newton Kwame Kwei-Armah
Dillon Cahill Dan Rymer
Jan Goddard Judy Loe
Philippa Kinross Fiona Gillies
Tony Vincent Lee Warburton
Jason Henry Ian Cusick
Craig Parker Richard Armitage
DI Spalding Philip Wright
Tom Callaghan Steve Bennet
Joe Price Freddie Finlay
Kieran Howe Ian Virgo
Len Miles Ged McKenna
Darren Vincent John
Katie Amy Darcy
Alan Christopher Blake
Rory Mark McLean
Writer Patrick Melanaphy
Director Graham Wetherell
Producer Amanda Sylvester



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