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Marie Lloyd : Locations

Miss Marie Lloyd : Queen of the Music Hall was filmed in several locations in London in February 2007.

Three theatres of different sizes were used to show the progression of Marie Lloyd's career. Most of the earlier scenes were filmed at the tiny Hoxton Hall, a former music hall in Hoxton in the East End. The stage, the backstage area and the auditorium were all used in the filming.

Normansfield Theatre, a theatre attached to the former Normansfield Hospital in south London, provided a larger stage for some of the later scenes, as well as some of the backstage scenes. And grandest of all was Richmond Theatre, also in south London. The stage itself was seen (for example, in the opening scene in which the Showman sings) and many of audience shots were filmed there.

Other scenes were filmed in Bayswater in West London.


Pictures of Hoxton Hall | Pictures of Normansfield Theatre



Hoxton Hall
Langdon Down Centre (Normansfield Theatre)
Richmond Theatre

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