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“You’re going to write to me every day.  You’re going to ring me every day.  And you’re going to think about me when you wake up every morning.  And last thing at night.  And in between.  And every hour on the hour.”

Richard Armitage in Sparkhouse
"That's a burn, Carol."

“And your fiancee’s name is?”

Sarah Smart in Sparkhouse
Sarah Smart in Sparkhouse

“Do you know any good jokes?”

Richard Armitage as John Standring in Sparkhouse

“I’m really fond of you …. But I’m not good enough for you.  You’re a thousand times better than me.  You don’t deserve me.  Nobody does.”

Andrew and Becky's wedding.
Carol and Lisa return.

“He’s married … your mate, Andrew ….”


“You’ve always wanted your own farm haven’t you?  Well, now’s your chance ….  If you do this for me John, I promise, I’ll be the best wife anybody ever had.  Will you think about it?”


“Ralph John Standring ….”


“You’re not going to make a fool out of me, are you Carol?”

“You want to help me and, in return, I can give you things – I can make you happy.”

“Do you still think about him?”


“Never think you can’t tell me things.”


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