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Malice Aforethought : Production details and DVDs

Malice Aforethought was first broadcast in Britain in two 90 minute episodes on ITV1, on the 10th and 11th April 2005. It had previously been shown in America on PBS on April 3rd and 10th 2005.

Dr. Edmund Bickleigh Ben Miller
Julia Bickleigh Barbara Flynn
Florence Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Ivy Ridgeway Lucy Brown
Madeleine Megan Dodds
Miss Wapworthy Ronnie Masterson
Miss Peavey Phyllis Ryan
Felicity Tor Hannah McCabe
Gwynfryd Rattery Orla O'Rourke
Beryl Gemma Reeves
Widdicombe Peter Vaughan
Bill Chatford Richard Armitage
Rev. Torr Niall Buggy
Mr. Gunnell Frank Kelly
Denny Bourne Joseph Beattie
Inspector Russell Ewan Stewart
Clerk Bernard Kirby
Judge Peter Dix
Sir Bernard Deverell Nigel Terry
Sir Lee Bannerton Michael Twomey
Mrs Torr Ger Ryan
Benjie Torr Tom Kelly
Sgt Tanner Michael Hayes
Mr Painter Mal Whyte
Mrs Painter Eileen Colgan
Sir Tamerton Follet Des Braiden
Mrs Ridgeway Kate O'Toole
Coroner Conor Evans
Handwriting expert Lise Ann McLoughlin
Pathologist Nick Dunning
Writer Andrew Payne
Director David Blair
Producer Keith Thompson
Executive Producers Charles Elton (Granada)
Rebecca Eaton (WGBH)

Granada / WGBH co-production

Malice Aforethought is available on a Region 1 DVD at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Amazon Japan.

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