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This Year's Love

Richard Armitage in This Year's LoveRichard Armitage had a small role in this British film starring Jennifer Ehle, Dougray Scott, Kathy Burke and Douglas Henshall.

It tells the story of the lives and loves of a group of thirty-somethings in Camden Town, London over a period of two years.

Richard Armitage was "Smug man at party", a guest at a smart party. He had a single line, "It's a Canaletto," delivered - smugly - to Douglas Henshall's character, Danny. A few minutes later, Danny grabbed him by the lapels and attempted to beat him up.

The film was written and directed by David Kane, and released in 1999.

It's available on Region 2 DVD at Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Amazon Japan.


British Film Institute review of This Year's Love

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