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Surgery School

Richard Armitage is the narrator for Surgery School, a documentary series for ITV about the training of doctors hoping to become surgeons.

First broadcast in September 2010, the three part series follows the first year of surgical training of ten junior doctors at the London School of Surgery, the largest single surgical training organisation in the world. All are high-flyers aiming to become consultants, but of the one hundred doctors accepted onto the course, only a quarter will finish it.

The series follows their training in busy London teaching hospitals under the watchful eye of experienced consultants. In their five year training to become doctors they will have had little surgical training on real patients, but now they must complete at least a hundred operations in order the pass the first year of the course.

As the three parts of Surgery School show, it's a high-pressure environment that requires hard work, dedication and great personal sacrifice. But the rewards - membership of the Royal College of Surgeons and the chance to become world-class surgeons - are high.

Each episode is broadcast on ITV1 on Monday evenings at 10.35pm, beginning on 6th September.


Video clip from Surgery School

This excerpt is taken from the beginning of the first programme of the series.



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