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Homes from Hell

Following his narration of New Homes From Hell 2009 for ITV, in summer 2010 Richard narrrated another related series, Homes From Hell.

The four part series began on ITV1 on 1st July 2010. As with the previous series, it tells the stories of people's disasters with property.

The first part, Dubai Dreams, covered the effect of Dubai's property crash on some of the Britons who invested in homes there at the height of the boom. The second part, Dream Developments, told the story of people who have tried to build their own homes. The third part, Perfect Locations, showed the stories of those whose homes were not so perfectly located, while the final part, Seaside Fantasies, covered the problems some home owners had with dream houses by the sea.


Video clip from Homes From Hell

This excerpt is taken from the beginning of the first programme of the series, Dubai Dreams.

Richard Armitage narrates New Homes from Hell 2009


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