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The Great Sperm Race

In March 2009, Richard Armitage narrated a documentary about human conception for Channel 4.

The Great Sperm Race, made in conjunction with scientists from the Wellcome Trust, shows the journey of 250 million human sperm as they race to fertilise a single egg.

The sperm are played by actors, who run and swim towards their goal. The immense difficulty of their task is demonstrated as they're shown negotiating some of the world's most striking landscapes - the Canadian Rockies show the epic proportions of the vagina relative to the sperm, while buildings on London's South Bank illustrate the intricacies of the cervix. Computer graphics and contributions from scientists combine with these reconstructions to give a vivid and informative view of the creation of human life.


The Great Sperm Race website at Channel 4
The Wellcome Trust


Video clips from The Great Sperm Race



This is the pre-title sequence which introduces the programme.


The sperm cell

A short sequence about the discovery of the sperm cell, and modern science's discoveries about it.


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