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CBeebies stories

In October 2006, Richard Armitage read five bedtime stories for CBeebies, a BBC television channel for small children.

They were a sheer delight, told with great charm and a variety of accents that included a Welsh witch, a Transylvanian bat and a cockney dinosaur.

The stories were:

Winnie in Winter, written by Korky Paul and illustrated by Valerie Thomas.

Richard Armitage on CBeebies, Winnie in Winter


I'm not going out there! by Paul Bright and Ben Cort

Richard Armitage on CBeebies


The Lost Acorns, by An Vrombaut

Richard Armitage on CBeebies

Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown

Richard Armitage in CBeebies, Flat Stanley


Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe, written by Brian Moses and illustrated by Garry Parsons

Richard Armitage on CBeebies, Dinosaur Cafe

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